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Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is an incredibly powerful tool, once you know the best ways to use it.  

Most people or companies don’t know how to apply some simple functions together to make Outlook really fly. Our course covers:

Email: all the elements of our Email Management course with additional content to further harness Outlook’s unique features.

Tasks: how to use tasks to manage to-do lists, projects and teams

Power tools: Quick Parts, Quick Steps, shortcuts to automate work/navigate quicker and more to save hours of time on repetitive actions.

Calendars and contacts: the smartest ways to use them. What does and doesn’t go in a calendar?

Categories: how to use Outlook categories to transform your productivity. Turn Outlook into a project management tool, a CRM and more

Download our “Email First Aid Kit” and you’ll get content from our top level course for free: start exerting control on email immediately, 100% risk free.